Happy Easter!!!

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Paws, Pee and Mice: Cats among Medieval Manuscripts

Cats haven’t changed since the days of monks writing manuscripts…

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Hey guys, I got this for you.

It’s one of the new official “Arrested Development” stills that Netflix released. The new season premieres in May and will be 14 episodes. Want to know more and see another pic? Of course you do, so click here.

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get it

because his parents

are dead


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A Map of the World Based on Book Publishing

When it comes to book publishing, not all countries are created equal, as this distorted map of the world by the International Publishers Association shows. […]

As you can see, places like the U.S., Europe, and parts of Asia are engorged in illustration of their strong publishing industries. Meanwhile, Africa and the Middle East are tiny slivers, meaning that the number of books published in those places is extremely low compared to the rest of the world.

The map demonstrates the way that books and the industry behind them reflect access to knowledge,” according to the creators of the report.

[Image: International Publishers Association]

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Hey, mister, can we have our ball back?

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